Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga – Learn The Poses & Sequences

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Chair Yoga is a style where yoga postures are done at a chair rather than using props or mat. Carly Porrello’s Regeneration book on Chair Yoga aids seniors who are suffering from heart conditions, arthritis or even pregnant women who cannot use sit on mat and perform yoga postures.

How can Chair Yoga help me?

The benefits of Chair Yoga are many. It is designed not only for people who are aged but also for people who cannot stand or maneuver easily from standing to sitting position. The added advantage of Chair Yoga is you can practice certain standing postures by sitting even though the instructor might be standing. Just because you are seated in a chair doesn’t mean you cannot reap the benefits of Yoga. It can also aid in giving you enough stretches, breathing exercises, back bends etc.

The sessions are majorly conducted in adult day care centers or retirement homes for old age people but its not limited. People who are suffering from neurological diseases or obesity are also welcome to give it a try. You can try Chair Yoga even in office hours just by taking a 10-15 minutes from work to relax yourself. Do not use chairs with wheels though as they tend to move.

Carly Porrello, a yoga instructor and the director of Regeneration brings you Yoga DVD on Chair Yoga which contains various postures conducted on a chair. This 55 minute video is prepared in NTSC format with surround sound system.

Carly Porrello’s Regeneration DVD brings you Chair Yoga postures which are perfect for beginners as well as pregnant women, aged people or who suffer from heart ailments, arthritis etc. A research conducted shows that Chair Yoga has shown positive effects by increasing one’s metabolism, decrease in fat, lowering blood pressure etc. Carly Porrello’s Regeneration DVD also features a 10 minute kick boxing segment which will energize your spirit.

Please note that it is always better to consult your physician before taking up any Yoga or exercise program.

Carly Porrello’s Regeneration DVD is available in amazon for $4.99. You are also eligible for refund within 30 days of receipt if you are not satisfied with this product.

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