10 Minute Chair Yoga Routine For Stress Relief Is Essential For Your Success! Read This To Find Out Why

Pranayama: Master the Art of Pranayama Breathing and the Ujjayi Breath

This breathing technique urges you to make ocean like sound from behind your throat while you inhale and exhale. Make sure that you are breathing through the nose and not through mouth. All the face muscles should be relaxed.

Do you know that Chair Yoga routine for Stress Relief has brought many positive results in people?

I had a throbbing pain beneath one of my shoulder blades from a long time. But I never gave much importance to the pain. I used to thing that the pain was the result of the daily workout and thought it would heal eventually. A couple of weeks ago, the pain increased to a great extend and I was hospitalized. Doctor told me, the pain was because of the bad posture. We spent much of our time in front of the computers and don’t even realize the negatives effects it gives to our body.

There are certain facts that our spine can move in four different directions namely forward (spine flexion), sideways (lateral flexion), backward (spine extension) and in a twist.

Here I Suggest Some Chair Yoga Routine For Stress Relief

Believe! These yoga poses for stress relief will help to move our spine in all the four directions. Lengthens and enhances the hamstrings and hip flexors. Also melts away all the stress you have been holding in your muscles.

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Chair Yoga Routine For Stress Relief

Cow pose – Chair Yoga Routine For Stress Relief


Beneficial for the muscles along the spine, shoulders, middle back and chest.

Steps to follow Chair Yoga Routine For Stress Relief

  • Begin sitting in your chair keeping your back straight to elongate the spine.
  • Next, keep your feet firmly on the ground and place your palms on the knees.
  • Inhale and drop your head back.
  • Then pull the chest up and forward.
  • Stay in this pose for 3-5 slow breaths (for about 10 minutes).

Side stretch – Chair Yoga Routine For Stress Relief


Stretches your side core muscles and side shoulders.

Steps to follow Side Stretch Chair Yoga Routine For Stress Relief

  • Begin with Tadasana or Mountain pose keeping your right leg forward and left leg in the backward direction.
  • Now, inhale and lengthen your torso.
  • Next, on inhalation bent forward from the hips. Make sure that your hips remain in square.
  • In this step, stop when the torso becomes parallel with the ground.
  • Maintain your spine erect.
  • Equally, pause here for a few breaths (around 1 minute).
  • Finally, exit the pose by bringing your hands to the hips and lift the torso while inhaling.

Seated twist – Chair Yoga Routine For Stress Relief


Boosts spinal flexibility.

Steps to follow Seated Twist Chair Yoga Routine For Stress Relief

  • Stay in a seated position. Now place your left hand on the chair seat behind you.
  • Keep your right hand on the outside of the left knee.
  • Inhale and raise your head towards the ceiling.
  • Then exhale and slowly turn your shoulders to the left side.
  • To deepen your twist press your right hand against the knee.

Cow hands – Chair Yoga Routine For Stress Relief


Expands the thighs, chest and abs. Fortifies the arms, upper back and glutes.

Steps to follow Cow Hands Chair Yoga Routine For Stress Relief

  • Seat straight keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Hips should be distance apart.
  • Inhale and raise your left hand towards the ceiling.
  • Then exhale, bend your arm at the elbows and place your palm on the upper back side.
  • On the next breath reach your right arm behind you.
  • Then clutch both palms together.
  • Keep the lifted arm pulling backwards and your gaze straight ahead.
  • Continue the same steps on the other side.


Once you do these poses you will feel more energetic than ever. After all health is more important than anything else. So make an habit to emphasize on yourself care.

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