Ecowise Fitness Yoga Mat

Ecowise Fitness Yoga Mat

This Ecowise fitness yoga mat is an environment-friendly, non-slip comfortable yoga mat. It is crafted with the new Ecowise Thermo Plastic Elastomer closed-cell foam material.

Yoga is a unique way to fuel your inner fire, concentrate on clear intentions and to express yourself. Similarly, there are numerous benefits of doing it like improved strength, stress relief, balance and peace of mind. It is advised o perform yoga on a mat rather than on a bare ground. Since it is a kind of cushioning that keeps your body warm and fit. Thus, a yoga mat is important for maintaining safety and in improving the performance. Further, read on to know more about Ecowise fitness yoga mat and its reviews…

What Are The Benefits Of Using Yoga Mats

  • Traction – The important function of a yoga mat is to give a better traction while performing the poses. Since not having a good traction can result in injury from slipping and falling. Besides, it would be hard to fully focus on your breathing and poses if your feet keep sliding on the hardwood floor.
  • Cushioning – Cushioning between your body and the ground is the another added comfort of the yoga mat.
  • Enhancing the balance level – A good yoga mat can heighten your balance. The soft surface can give more support to your foot. Equally, the soft base lets your foot to roll easier for minor adjustments (needed to balance).
  • Warmth – Sometimes, lying against the cold surface is uncomfortable. It can cause your muscle to lose their warmth. Thus, making the stretching a difficult one. Thus, yoga mats are good at supplying an insulating layer against these cold floors.

There are various kinds and styles of yoga mats available in the market, meant according to the needs of the people. Even, children can perform the yoga exercises. Since it is good for their health and there are different mats of their size too.

Ecowise Fitness Yoga Mat

This Ecowise fitness yoga mat is an environment-friendly, non-slip comfortable yoga mat. It is crafted with the new Ecowise Thermo Plastic Elastomer closed-cell foam material. The Ecowise mats come with dual textured surfaces: Parallelogram texture for added support and comfort, Wavy texture for significant traction and stability.

Ecowise Fitness Yoga Mat Features

  • The mat is free of latex, PVC, and chloride.
  • Built-in mesh and anti-stretching properties.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Very light-weight and easy to carry.
  • Alternatively, carrying string and care instructions are included.
  • It is available in different colors like rose, lavender, ocean blue and pine.
Dimensions1/8” H x 24”W x 69” L
Warranty30-day warranty

Ecowise Fitness Yoga Mat Reviews

There are very few or no customer reviews for this product. The Ecowise fitness yoga mat can prevent you from injuries caused by slippery surface. Similarly, it can make your asanas more accurate. Moreover, the usage of TPE and closed-cell foam makes it anti-microbial and easy to clean. It may be a different feeling in the beginning. But, you may get used to it as the time passes by.

Where To Buy These Ecowise Fitness Yoga Mat?

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In conclusion, choose a yoga mat which is affordable and equally comfortable to you. Ecowise fitness yoga mat is lightweight in nature. It resists the growth of bacteria and is recyclable and somewhat biodegradable. These mats last for a number of years. So, it is up to your discretion that which mat would be the most comfortable for you…

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