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Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Bundle

Wild Divine is a well functioned and specialized program which helps you to leave the stress at the doorstep, perform well in your lives and not let any of the anxiety make an impact on your lives.

For those living with stress filled life and want to get out before its too much, Deepak Chopra brings you wild divine mind relaxing techniques for better health. Read more on how it works, Wild divine reviews and people say about the product.

How does Wild divine online work?

Wild Divine is a well functioned and specialized program which helps you to leave the stress at the doorstep, perform well in your lives and not let any of the anxiety make an impact on your lives. Deepak Chopra in wild divine online provides secrets of meditation thereby giving you techniques which leads to a better you altogether.

Are you the one suffering from

  • high levels of stress both in professional / personal lives
  • restlessness and impatience while waiting in a queue
  • frequent headaches when you tend to think too much
  • unnecessary worry about the next day and lagging sleep (insomnia)
  • negative thoughts impacting your realtionships or your social atmosphere

Then, Wild Divine online by Deepak chopra is the solution for you. With wild divine online, you will be able to change your relationships, create an altogether positive environment and know the hidden power that lies within you. All this comes with proper guidance and instructions which will be fed to you subconsciously in the mind and brain.


Wild Divine software

For this you need to know how your brain, mind, body works. The brain and mind are almost invincible and when you realize that you will be able to understand how much potential you have. With the step by step procedure from Wild divine by Deepak chopra, you will be able to make determining decisions, sleep better, can attain influence and control over your thoughts (more focus on positive and negating unwanted thoughts) which will help you improve your lreationship with others, be it any field of your life.

Wild divine software in three simple steps – install, plugging the iom and instant feedback. Wild divine software by Deepak chopra comes with various stages that are basically games which involves meditation programs, visualization therapies thereby improving your concentration level to greater heights.

Forget those step by step techniques that will make you yawn after a certain time. Wild divine programs targets the consciousness levels which gives you a clearer state of mind, reduced stress levels, with unbeatable energy and relaxation.

To be honest, no one and no other thing can help you from any situation unless you let it. Same applies to Wild divine. You need a more passive attitude when you are working with Wild Divine. You need to keep on going without giving up on your persistence. This is sole way of learning from Wild Divine.

Wild divine programs are designed by Deepak chopra and other wise mentors such as Zen master Nissim Amon, Dr. Andrew Weil, Nawang Khechog, Stephen Cope etc.

wild divine online

What is lightstone and iom feedback hardware?

Wild Divine Lightstone and iom are basically a feedback hardwares which gives you ‘real time’ feedback as and when your emotions, moods changes. Lightstone is the first version which has now been discontinued. Note if you are one using the lightstone version, the latest wild divine softwares are compatible with lightstone.

The iom is the upgraded version of feedback hardware and comes with some of the best features. It comes with three fingertip sensor which needs to be affixed in the three fingers (index, middle and ring). It tracks down the player’s heart rate and skin conductance levels and provides an apt feedback. For instance, the skin conductance tracks the sweat glands and if perspiration occurs, it measures the level of nervousness.

wild divine online

Another example would be let’s say you need to move something from left to right on the monitor using your thoughts. Wild divine’s iom feedback hardware makes it possible. It picks up your bodily movements isntantly which helps in eventual progressing of the games step by step using these bodily techniques. It is quite easy to connect and comes with a USB port which can be used in any PC easily.

Some of the programs of Wild divine are The Passage, Wisdom Quest, Relaxing Rhythms, Secrets of Meditation etc. and many more.

Zen master Nissim Amon also provides demo videos that will help you to get the idea of how meditation works in finding yourself. Zen in Chinese stands for meditation. For those who are not aware, Zen is a Japanese pronunciation of Chinese ‘Chan’ that has been derived from Sanskirt ter word ‘dhyana’ which is meditation.

In the daily ‘rush-filled’ lives, not everyone gets the time to relax or spend some time alone. Wild divine by Deepak chopra helps in solving this problem. You need to take just 15-20 minutes of your time. Wild divine ultimate bundle program consists of:

  • Zen journey with Master Nissim Amon – training with the Master of Zen
  • Relaxing rhythms – 15 step program which features mind/body gurus
  • Conscious food court – fun games to take off boredom but not before giving you some good benefits
  • Return to the Sun realm – features 3D adventure games to keep you excited through a lot of emotions
  • Mindfulness Academy – 6 motivating step for a good living
  • Wilddivineonline.com – Online arena for experiencing how Wild divine actually works
  • The grapher expansion pack – checking real time movements and emotions using the Iom

Wild divine online

Wild divine online is a breakthrough program which acts like a joystick, mouse or even keyboard and helps in moving the cursor in various directions as per your body’s signals such as tension, happiness, breathing etc. and that too online. In short it targets various psychological states of the mind and gives you unlimited possibilities to unleash the power inside you.

Wild divine online includes activities with different challenging levels from easy to hard so that you won’t feel bored listening to repetitive sessions of meditational lectures. It works online reducing the purchase and stock up of DVDs/CDs thereby reducing land waste, need for paper/plastic or fuel which is required to deliver the packages door to door etc. thereby supporting Mother Nature.

The best feature of wild divine online is communicating with the community section which helps you to socialize and derive more ideas and tips from various users.

There are many who think that wild divine is compatible with ipad , but sadly this is not true. Wild divine software works in both Mac and Windows OS and the respective softwares are available which can downloaded once you are a member of Wild divine. Even the iom/lightsone driver installation procedure are available on the wild divine website.

Wild divine coupon codes/discount codes

Yes. There are many wild divine coupon or discount codes that are available in many websites. Discount/coupon codes work simply. Just paste the code and you will get further deduction on the amount. Some of the trending coupons are:

  • $50 off on any purchase of Wild divine software
  • 10% off on mind body training bundle
  • 25% on meditation games bundle
  • $100 off on new iom of wild divine

Wild divine reviews

Overall, wild divine reviews are quite mixed. On the pros side, there are umpteen packages which gives you options to choose. If you are finicky, you always the FREE 15 steps to relax, relieve and restore by experienced masters. All you have to do is sign up and you will getting video clips to de-stress yourself. There are some video demos of Nissim Amon who gives crystal clear meditation tips and exactly how the program will work for you. Wild divine has even dedicated a complete pdf file which compiles almost all the testimonials from real users who have tried this program. Some users who were dealing with anxiety and high stress levels were recommended by their psychologists and have found the product quite effective.

Even mothers who have found their children having trouble concentrating on their studies or feeling tired often have suggested this product. With wild divine they have noticed immense response from their kids. While some initially thought that it might be just another computer program, many have admitted that its much more than that and actually delivers a sense of ease, calmness and improved focus on children.

wild divine online review

On the downside, many complain that the programs and sessions are quite repetitive. While journey to wild divine is quite slow, wisdom quest is a combo of both good and bad especially if you want to lectured by Deepak Chopra. It also tends to be a bit on the expensive side but when you are purchasing on discount codes, you might find it a bit less than the original price. Wild divine also gives away returns which means in case you find the product not worthy enough simply return them within 30 days from the date of purchase. However, keep in mind that the product returned should be new and the shipping cost will not be refunded to you.

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