Yoga Wall Straps and Ropes for practice of Wall Yoga

Yoga Wall

Yoga has gone through many upgrades and modifications. One of the new ways of doing this age old practice of Yoga is the Wall Yoga. Wall Yoga requires many straps, ropes, hooks and other hardware that are attached to the wall and then used to perform the moves of regular yoga, although with a few changes.

As deep as the experience of Yoga is, the Wall Yoga experience is even deeper. BKS Iyengar’s method of Wall Yoga involves using the wall as a prop to support us. Wall Yoga helps in aligning the body to the wall while going through the various poses so that we have an anchor point. The Yoga wall straps and ropes are used for this very purpose of anchoring. They help you increase your strength, stability and mobility.

The Yoga Wall Pelvic swing is an adjustable system that comes with excellent features so that you can spend less time in hardwaring and more time practicing. Know all about Yoga Wall, the products, returns etc. here.

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BKS Iyengar talks about the inner and outer layers of our bodies. The inner layer provides us life force and inner energy to go through our normal activities in a day. The outer layer is the outer body and its parts which performs various functions using the energy. Yoga helps us develop both the layers. Wall Yoga is a method of enhancing the goodness of Yoga. Wall yoga helps us tap into our inner energy to help with put daily activities and this is the purpose of aligning our body.

In order to practice Wall Yoga using the Yoga Wall straps and ropes, we would usually attend classes by certified Wall Yoga practitioners. The classes would usually involve an initialization where you would start the Yoga on the floor and then move onto the Wall. The class would end with a cool-off again on the floor with a Shavasana. The Yoga Wall Straps and ropes is a restorative process which gives you:

  • Better control of your breathing
  • Builds better strength even in smaller muscle groups
  • Increases blood flow to the heart
  • Opens up the spine in every direction without compressing it.
  • Makes the body more supple and increase the mobility in the joints, bones, muscles, spine
  • Regulates metabolism, sleep, improves mood and helps with the endocrine system
  • The therapeutic benefits help heal athletic injuries,arthritis, degenerative disc disease and sciatica.

The Wall Yoga straps and ropes help us to suspend our bodies using comfortable and well padded contraptions for different complex maneuvers on the wall. Its effect on the spine is literal and amazing. The spine house many nerves that maintains the functioning of organs and muscles. The spine becomes more flexible and healthy as you practice Wall Yoga with the ropes and straps. It elongates and contracts giving it more activity and in turn, more dexterity. The inverted position especially, which is made so easy using the straps and ropes, will help you develop and maintain your spine.

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