Comparison Of Wall Yoga With Other Yogas

Yoga Wall

Yoga has gone through many upgrades and modifications. One of the new ways of doing this age old practice of Yoga is the Wall Yoga. Wall Yoga requires many straps, ropes, hooks and other hardware that are attached to the wall and then used to perform the moves of regular yoga, although with a few changes.

Practicing wall yoga with other yogas , can actually benefit you in many ways. The overall flexibility of the body is improved.

You will begin to see the effects of Wall Yoga on all your body systems in a very less time. Hard and clumped muscles would begin to relax and build up, there would be more circulation in the body and you will have deeper and deeper Yoga experiences. The inverted pose, which is one of the most beneficial and trickiest of Yoga poses, is made very easy using the Wall Yoga equipment’s. There will be no danger of you ever hurting yourself while in this pose because of the padded straps you use.

The overall flexibility of the body is improved using  Wall Yoga With Other Yogas. There is more mobility and movement of all joints, ligaments and muscles when practicing Wall yoga as you can do poses that you were never able to do before. This does not go wasted. Your joints open up and there are lesser chances of joint and bone related deceases due to this. The number of poses you can do in Wall Yoga is also increased than the other types of Yoga. You get a better awareness of your breath, your body parts like the connective tissues,etc through Wall Yoga. You can now do more difficult standing postures, bending backward and forward as well as twists.

Wall Yoga With Other Yogas

Wall Yoga is a great work out tool and is an amazing balanced physical practice designed for the spine to open up in all directions. Other types of Yoga have many uses and is very easy to perform since there are no additional props, but when you can get the deeper benefits from Wall Yoga With Other Yogas, that has even become quite common nowadays, why would you not want to explore your possibilities?

The exercise and Yoga centers that train you in Yoga have Yoga Walls as well (most probably). There are trained professionals available who have been certified by BKS Iyengar training centers for Wall Yoga. The use of the props like ropes, wall plates, ropes, rods,etc requires some training as does the setting up of the hardware in Wall Yoga. The Wall yoga hardware are actually available online so that you can buy them off the Internet and set up your own Yoga Wall at home. Proper measurements and other specifications have to be noted when you make the purchase as well as your preferences.

You have to be careful of the strengths of the hardware that you use to avoid unnecessary accidents. This is one of the main concerns of new comers to Wall Yoga. Is it safe? Absolutely. Wall Yoga is a as safe as other types of yoga. It is actually safer. There are lesser chances of you injuring your pelvis, back bone, muscle and neck while using the Wall Yoga hardware. This is because of the specific and well maintained support that Wall Yoga offers while you practice it. The Wall Yoga hardware are strong enough to hold you and also sometimes hold your entire weight without breaking a sweat. There are also no chances of your slipping through the harnesses.

Wall yoga is easy to learn and beneficial to practice. No one is asking you to let go of your other yoga sessions. All you have to do is additionally practice Wall Yoga and even do other types of Yoga poses on the wall. You can even come up with your own system, although profession assistance is recommended in this case. Personal trainers are now available to take you through every walk of Wall Yoga. Give it a try!

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