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Yoga has gone through many upgrades and modifications. One of the new ways of doing this age old practice of Yoga is the Wall Yoga. Wall Yoga requires many straps, ropes, hooks and other hardware that are attached to the wall and then used to perform the moves of regular yoga, although with a few changes.

Benefits of Wall Yoga is a common topic which we all know. But the Benefits of Wall yoga is found by a select few. If you are a person with disabilities the benefit of Wall yoga is of your importance. Read further to see if wall yoga could help you cross the boundaries of Yoga And asanas.

Benefits of wall yoga

Recent studies have determined the effectiveness of yoga as a complementary medical practise to treat various ailments from cancer, schizophrenia, asthma and heart diseases.

  • Yoga has been found to be effective in mental health and musculo-skeletal diseases.
  • Yoga increases the brain GABA levels. (GABA is a chemical messenger found in the brain. It is used to reduce the neuron activity. During fear or anxiety, the neurons get over exited. Increased production of GABA helps reduce this fear or anxiety).
  • Yoga helps to reduce high blood pressure and helps to improve symptoms of heart failure, enhance cardiac rehabilitation, and lower cardiovascular risk factors.


Various studies done in the USA and UK have found that yoga is more effective in reducing the lower back pain than traditional forms of exercise.
Significnt reduction in the use of pain killers was also noticed among people practising yoga.

Yoga is used for cancer patients to reduce pain, depression, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a program which incorporates yoga tachniques to reduce stress levels. This program also found that there was better sleep patterns, improved quality of life and increased spirituality in persons practicing yoga.

Pracicing yoga has been found to help improve some symptoms of schizophrenia and improve the quality of life of those patients suffering from schizophrenia.

Yoga has been found to be beneficial in cognitive functioning of the brain (cognitive function is the ability of the brain to learn new things, speech and reading comprehension etc.)
Some yoga techniques have been found to improve their quality of life of substance abuse addicts.

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