Open The Gates For The Best Restorative Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress

Yoga for Stress Relief

Try these best restorative yoga DVDs.

“Yoga is not about self-improvement it’s about self-acceptance” says Gurumukh (teacher of Kundalini Yoga).

Do you want to get your body look like the Hollywood actress Salma Hayek?

The actress who looks young even at this age of 49. In an article published by People magazine, she says “ All the credit of my youthful appearance goes to restorative yoga. Just you have to activate certain muscles and grab the same kind of effect that you obtain from the diet”.

What is restorative yoga?

A restorative yoga includes about five to six poses. These poses includes seated forward bends, slight twists and back-bends. These postures are mostly supported by blocks to maximize the rate of comfort.

Benefits of this yoga

  • Helpful to fight against spinal arthritis.
  • Strengthens and lengthens the muscles of our body.
  • Beneficial in getting stronger neck, shoulder and upper back muscles to offer more support for the head and neck.
  • Increases flexibility.
  • Stretches the spinal column.
  • Relives anxiety.
  • Calms our mind and relaxes the body.

There are many types of restorative yoga, which one can have under the practice of a yoga teacher.

Here I am sharing with you 4 restorative yoga poses which I have learned from my yoga master.

Supported Child’s Pose in best restorative yoga DVD


This pose is beneficial for spine and lower back pain. Helps to release stress and anxiety.


  • For doing this pose you need around 3-4 blankets folded to 12 inches wide.
  • Initially, kneel down on the floor. Then widen your legs to pull the folded blanket to the inner thighs.
  • In the second step, lean forward and bring your tummy on the prop as much as you can. In-order to give a support to your entire body.
  • Let the seat to drop down toward the heels.
  • Relax the arms wherever they are restful.

Supported Child’s Pose with twist in best restorative yoga DVD


Gives relaxation to your belly. Allow your shoulders move away from your ears.


  • Sit straight keeping the legs out in front of you.
  • Remember the blanket should be kept in the direction perpendicular to your hip side.
  • Then move towards the blanket and use your hands on the floor to turn the torso.
  • Slant over the prop in such a way that your tummy and chest are resting upon this.
  • Finally, move your head to your preferred comfortable side.

Supported Upright angle in best restorative yoga DVD


Stretches your hamstring and inner thighs. Tones the spine and the entire pelvic region.


  • Widen your legs and sit upright on the floor.
  • Use 3-4 blanket stack with pillows into your legs and stretch forward to rest on this support.
  • For people with stiff hamstrings it is recommended to use a chair with padding for the head area.

Legs up the wall pose


Relaxes tired leg muscles. Calms your nervous system.


  • Keep 3-4 blanket stack around 5- inches from the wall.
  • Sit on this stack with your right hip facing away from the wall.
  • Slant the right shoulder downwards in the direction of the floor.
  • Stretch your legs up the wall. Now maintain the upside down position, try to use the leg muscles at the maximum level to keep them from bending.
  • This blanket stack will help you to keep to open your chest and heart area up.
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