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Meditainment is a principal developer and introducer of self-help audio products, started in the year 2002 by Wellmind Media Ltd. It a unique blend of stories, natural sound effects, meditation techniques and music that can help anybody to meditate, relax and control their thoughts.

Meditainment is a unique combination of meditation techniques, stories, music and natural sound effects that helps in relaxing your body. It is also used as a beneficial therapy in over 100 health clinics and hospitals around the globe. This is one of the easiest and effective service for anyone wishing to experience meditation.

Stressed?? Are you in search of some guided meditations?? Then, no worries you have landed to the right place.

Meditainment: Meditation That Takes You Places

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  • Pain Management
  • Free guided meditation
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What is Meditainment?

Meditainment is a principal developer and introducer of self-help audio products, started in the year 2002 by Wellmind Media Ltd. It a unique blend of stories, natural sound effects, meditation techniques and music that can help anybody to meditate, relax and control their thoughts. Here, you will be boarding on a free meditative journey to 18 amazing places. Moreover, it’s not very complicated. All you have to follow a relaxing story keeping your eyes closed.

Meditainment products include: Meditation audio/video downloads and other interactive online programmes.

Each program lasts for about 21 minutes with

  • 0-5 mins simple relaxation steps for mind and body.
  • 6-11 mins story line for bringing a feeling of deep relaxation.
  • 12-15 mins narrative about wellbeing topic for speculation in the meditative state.
  • 16-21 story-line leads out of meditative state and a restoration to awakened state.


Pain Management

You know? Stress and pain are closely related and each one can have a impact on the other. It leads to various kinds of chronic pain and chronic stress. So as a part of controlling pain relief, it is good to learn on how to manage stress in a better way. Stressed out people often experience shoulder, neck and back pain. This might be due to the link associated between the stress and tension in the muscles. Meditation is a simple practice, which can turn your attention from the distracting thoughts and focus your thoughts on the present moment. In other words, it trains your brain to experience pain with less distress.

Meditainment For Pain Management

This is an online intensive pain management programme for patients suffering from chronic pain. Meditainment offers a 20 minute simple guided meditation technique (meditative journey) for relieving stress. This is a useful programme for promoting relaxation, rest and sleep. Thousands of patients have followed this programme. Out of which 71% are satisfied with this technique.


  • Start by breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly relaxing the whole body and mind.
  • Bring your entire attention into focus and leave all the distractions.
  • Take your mind into a state of meditative journey.
  • Now, imagine yourself standing by a fountain in a beautiful garden on a warm summer’s day or travel to the warm golden sands on the palm tree lined beach.

Free Guided Meditation

Visualization is a very effective tool for relaxation, stress reduction and to improve learning habits. It can calm yourself down from a state of mild to moderate anxiety. Meditainment offers many guided visualization programs combined with meditation, available in digital forms like CDs, DVDs, MP3s and other online programs. It can be played on computers and other mobile devices. Let’s have a look at some

Secret Garden (for clarity of mind): This is a form of little escape from your everyday busy life. Secret Gardenis a free, full version that lasts for 20 minutes. In the beginning, you will be guided to close your eyes and carry simple breathing exercise to help you relax. Then, in the next step, the narrator will take you to a world of gorgeous garden with the sounds of lovely birds, bees and insects. Pictureque descriptions of how the Secret Garden looks like are described in detail. At the end of the journey the narrator will slowly bring you to a more awakened and relaxed state.

Secret Garden Customer Reviews And Feedback

This is a wonderful guided meditation for clarity of mind. You can roam in the amazing unique venue close to nature. One can have an unforgettable experience. Most of the customers are satisfied with this programme named “Secret Garden”. It has got very promising and positive reviews from its viewers (4.2 stars out of 5 stars). Here, are some testimonials for your reference. Just have a look at them.

  • “Thank you Secret Garden for the calming effect. I will be doing this again.”
  • “Loved the fountain, can’t wait to reach the beach.”
  • “I liked this meditation very much. I will be back for the next one.”
  • “Very soothing and refreshing.”
  • “Very chilled.”

Guided Meditation

Tropical Sands (for managing stress): Now, feel the wetness of the sand between your toes with Tropical Sands!!! This meditation will take you to the warm golden sands of the palm tree lined beach. One can have an amazing walk along the beach and cool your barefeet in the sun.

Tropical Sands Customer Reviews & Feedback

Tropical Sands has been rated with 4.3 stars out of 5 stars by its regular customers.

  • “It reminds of a beautiful beach, which I have discovered on vacation.”
  • “Tropical Sands made me relaxed and ready for bed.”
  • “Amazing journey.”
  • “I really love this. A unique guided meditation. Thankyou Tropical Sands.”

Country Meadow (for rest and transquility): This is one of the popular guided meditation for rest and peace. Here, you can slide down on some private rivers of the world and board on a beautiful secluded paddock for a peaceful afternoon in the sun.

Country Meadow Customer Reviews & Feedback

Country Meadow has received 4.2 stars out of 5 stars on

  • “Very refreshing, visualization was wonderful. So peaceful!! relaxed totally.”
  • “I recommend this Country Meadow for those who wish to unwind after work.”
  • “Amazing place. Far away from everything and everyone.”

Deep ocean (for total relaxation): Allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper and swim with a pod of whales. This is a digitally mastered program of 20 minutes with clear ocean sounds for total relaxation. Stay in the presence of the magnificent creatures in their natural habitat!!!

Deep Ocean Customer Reviews & Feedback

This audio CD has wonderful sound quality. It has a sound of ocean waves in the background area. You can dive deep into the ocean and swim with the whales. It has received 4.1 stars out 5 stars from its customers.

  • “Deep ocean is one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever experienced…”
  • “Whale of a time, It’s great fun.”

Mountain Refuge (for self motivation): Mountain Refuge lets you to sense the energy of a storm. You can fly to the comfort of a hidden mountain refuge. Destress in the warmth of a real open fire. One can conclude this as a real home away from home with pleasing views of the valley and mountains.

Mountain Refuge Customer Reviews & Feedback

  • Mountain Refuge has received 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. Let’s see, what our customers has to say.
  • “This is a best way to start the day.”
  • “I feel so relaxed and energized after doing this. Thank you Mountain Refuge.”
  • “No words to say, I am extremely impressed with Meditainments journeys, especially Mountain Refuge. Feel’s very refreshed !!!”

More Information On Meditainment – Discount, Coupon & Promo Codes

Meditainment is a series of 18 online high quality guided meditations with nature sounds and soothing female voice. They will guide you to a different place on your each visit. These guided meditations are free and can be viewed by anyone. But, you can only unlock one guided meditation per month. In order to unlock all of them, one has make a one-time online payment of a particular amount. Besides, offers certain discount and coupon codes on these audio CD’s. You can download Secret Garden for clarity of mind at $7.00. It’s good if you login with your email address to get all the meditainment newest coupon alerts and other weekly top coupons newsletter.

Meditainment – Frequently asked questions

What is the customer service number of meditainment?

Phone no: +44(0)1273325136 (UK).

Where should I contact to clarify my personal doubts?

For clarifications, you may visit the website and fill a form mentioning your email address, name and your query.


Pain management meditation is a top performing self-help tool for relieving stress. It has an average user star rating of 4.2 out of 5. Try this!!

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