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Yoga For Beginners

Yoga for Beginners Boxed Set contains a set of three Yoga DVDs by Barbara Benagh for beginners who want to take the first step towards Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga

If you are a newborn in the world of Yoga, Barbara Benagh offers the perfect DVD combo – Yoga for Beginners in a set of three DVDs for you.

The first DVD is Yoga for Stress Relief: This Yoga DVD contains yoga for stress relief which is beneficial for people who undergo strenuous day to day activities and need to relax their inner self. Yoga for Stress relief helps in relieving people from insomnia, neck/shoulder issues, hip pain etc. It also contains meditation techniques to relax your mind and thus making your tensions go away. People who are having health problems such as indigestion, constipation or IBS can benefit from yoga.

The second DVD is AM and PM Yoga for Beginners: The process of yoga begins with Suryanamaskar (sun salutations) for around 15 minutes. Yoga for Beginners consists of simple and slow process to develop you from the core of the mind. The AM part consists of all the yoga exercises that you need to get you through the day such as breathing exercises. The PM Part (the evening session) begins with a short rest of 10 minutes followed by breathing exercises, relaxing muscle tension and exercises for a good nights sleep. Also, energizing evening poses help you to soothe the mind and body by helping you to eliminate all the problematic issues you have gone through the day.

The third and final DVD is Essential Yoga for Inflexible People starts with the process of repeating the sun salutation for around 15 minutes. This DVD is specifically designed for people who face difficulty learning on the floor. This DVD is to increase the flexibility and bone strength of your body while enhancing a serene mind.

Yoga for Beginners Boxed Set by Barbara Benagh – Reviews

Learn at your time with the aid of Barbara Benagh. Yoga for Beginners Boxed Set teaches you in a slow methodical mode which is beneficial for beginners to help them learn slowly but steadily. Barbara Benagh’s ideas matches with your preference providing you with lots of poses and stretching exercises. Stretching exercises is actually good if you are doing it in the evening as it helps you ease the stressed muscles that you endured through out the day. There are a lot of information provided by the yoga instructor, Barbara Benagh which can be challenging sometimes for a fresher to yoga.

Barbara Benagh

The video – Yoga for Beginners is perfectly designed for beginners who want to learn Yoga. Barbara Benagh offers detailed tips to understand how various poses can work for you. You can also set a target for yourself based on your options such as energy, relaxation etc. As the moves are quite slow, you can control them for precise learning. The background scenery for each and every pose is quite astounding.

Barbara Benagh

On the con side, the movements in the Yoga for Beginners DVD are time consuming and are sustained which can be quite difficult for beginners as they are just on the learning stage of balancing their body. Certain positions are quite advanced for beginners of yoga and is almost impossible. Each and every instructions for poses are broken down further and explained which gets quite tiresome.

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