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Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a very much similar to the traditional yoga the difference being that the poses of the yoga is held for a longer duration generally for period of two to five minutes. This helps in strengthening the tendons of your body due its longer period of posture.

This technique was first developed by a martial arts expert and a yoga teacher Paulie Zink. Yin Yoga is now taught all over America and around Europe for its positive results. Mark Laham is a teacher of Yin Yoga and he has released a number of tutorials for practicing the art of Yin yoga.

Mark Laham has launched the DVD series ‘YinYoga Mind body Warrior (yin yoga dvd)’ which completely takes into the healthy and the positive world of the Yin yoga. Mark Laham has a very gentle and soothing manner of conversation which helps you understand the delicate aspects of the art of yin yoga; he demonstrates the poses and asanas using his disciples and provides an explanation which explains the functions of that pose and its effects on your body and mind. He also gives alterations which can be suggested to suit the people who find it difficult to maintain the pose due to their physical limit which can only be stretched gradually. He also adds an innovative touch by including yoga blocks and folding chairs in the pose.

yin yoga dvd

The main menu of the Mark Laham Yin Yoga DVD offers the following options: First part is the introduction my Mark Laham regarding the wonders of Yin Yoga and its effects on human body and mind. The next phase includes the practice session which is explained by Mark Laham but is performed by his disciples. There are also options for music setup for creating that ambiance for performing the Yin Yoga. There are also lessons regarding customizing the asanas to meet your needs, suggestion are provided by Mark Laham who gives alteration options which can be applied for various asanas.

The main practices are based on the body parts or regions of the body namely Front line sequence, Back line sequence and then the hips and the pelvis. To conclude this yin yoga dvd is a perfect tool for exploring the effects of the great art of the Yin yoga the key advantages being the structure and the narration mode of the asanas and poses.

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