Power Yoga for Sports Golf Edition by Gwen Lawrence

Gwen Lawrence has been providing professional assistance through fitness Yoga since 1990 and the Power Yoga for Sports Golf has been put together by her specially for the good performance of Golfers. She currently provides private Yoga training, class instruction and specific Power Yoga for different sports. These sports training programs are a combination of dance, massage and yoga training experience. Gwen Lawrence has an exceptional knowledge of anatomy and nutrition. This is highly beneficial to her clients and the athletes.

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The Power Yoga for Sports Golf or the golf yoga dvd edition will help professionals to decrease injury and increase longevity in the game. Gwen Lawrence has regular appearances in NBC today and many TV news and national radio shows. Golfers can also benefit from the Yoga school owned by Gwen Lawrence where she trains people to teach the Power Yoga for sports system.

golf yoga dvd

The Power Yoga for Sports Golf edition is especially focused on preventing injuries from golf. The instructor, Gwen Lawrence has a keen eye for injury and she tries to prevent as many as possible, although individual problems can only be recognized in person. Most of the balance and stability needed for the game of Golf can be obtained by practicing the Power Yoga for Sports, Golf edition and they are energizing. They also help in recovery from injuries.