Yoga – an all round exercise for physical, spiritual and mental practice that will result in great benefits. Nowadays many are leading a hectic life that is leaving back a lot of stress behind. Practicing yoga has helped a whole lot of people to have a stress life in spiteRead More →

Most of us now a days are tired having a whole lot of medicines. And so Yoga has helped in eliminating a lot of medicines. Yoga when practiced in day to day life helps not only in physical and mental strength but also helps in weight loss, flexible body, glowingRead More →

Anjaneyasana Yoga delivers many benefits that has the power to heal not only your physical issues but emotional too such as depression, fatigue, balance of body and many more. Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Anjaneyasana yoga pose is derived from Anjaneyasana, which is another name of Lord HanumanRead More →

Yoga as Medicine Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Also known as Vishnu’s pose, Anantasana is a reclining pose that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It may look simple but is in fact quite difficult to maintain a calm and cool attitude while in the pose. Anantasana hasRead More →

Akarna Dhanurasana just like any other asanas in Yoga requires great amount of effort and patience. The benefits are manifold which you will realize during each and every posture. Read on to know how it works. [restabs alignment=”osc-tabs-left” responsive=”false”] [restab title=”About” active=”active”] Akarna Dhanurasana – Pronunciation & Meaning Akarna DhanurasanaRead More →

Adho Mukha Vrksasana This posture can benefit the body in many ways. For starters, it energizes the body in and out not to mention building the confidence level in your body. Another plus point of working Adho Mukha Vrksasana is it can improve your brain work in many ways. BuyRead More →

Adho Mukha Svanasana Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Yoga can change the way you look at your life. Yoga can be a guiding factor in your life not only emotionally but physically too. For those who are interested in Yoga, get the fact clear that yoga isRead More →