Anjaneyasana – Lunge Pose


Yoga delivers many benefits that has the power to heal not only your physical issues but emotional too such as depression, fatigue, balance of body and many more.

Anjaneyasana yoga pose is derived from Anjaneyasana, which is another name of Lord Hanuman in Hindu religion. A main character in the epic story Ramayana, Hanuman is also called as Anjaneya whose mother’s name is Anjani. In technical words, the Anjaneyasana is referred to crescent pose for the shape of body.

Importance of Yoga

Yoga is not a religion. It is a healthy way of living and teaches us to control the five senses along with proper mind and body. By regular practice of yoga, you can actually balance off all the three beings – physical, mental and spiritual. It is a bit difficult than other exercises since it requires proper focus but with proper practice you can actually master yoga techniques easily.

Yoga delivers many benefits that has the power to heal not only your physical issues but emotional too such as depression, fatigue, balance of body and many more. It can eliminate any negativity in the body and promotes self-healing thereby healing the nervous system.


Anjaneyasana – pronunciation and meaning

Anjaneyasana is a Sanskrit name that is pronounced as An-jah-ney-ah-asa-nah. The meaning of is downward facing dog.

  • Anjaneya = name of Lord Hanuman
  • Asana = pose

Anjaneyasana Yoga pose – Introduction

Anjaneyasana works great for athletes. Now this does not mean it is not good for you. It helps in treating the lower parts of the body by healing any soreness, hamstrins, hips etc. The lunge pose may seem easy to do at first but it actually requires proper balance of the body. Plus there are a plethora of benefits you will receive with this asana.

At initial stage, you might have trouble balancing the pose. What you can do is practicing the pose facing it towards the wall. Press the big toe of your front foot against the wall. Now stretch the arms up and curve your back in a crescent shape.

Anjaneyasana Yoga pose– Benefits

Anjaneyasana holds many health benefits for you. Here are few of the benefits for you.

  • Strengthens the muscles in the shoulders and arms
  • The gluteus maximus muscles are stretched thereby making it more flexible
  • With regular practice the body gets balanced and toned with unbeatable energy and strength
  • Flexibility of your knees, legs, arms, hips, shoulders and abdomen
  • Stimulates the reproductive organs
  • Helps with digestion
  • People who are dealing with sciatica benefit good as it stretches the hamstrings and leg muscles
  • Beneficial for the heart

Anjaneyasana Yoga pose – How to perform

Begin with downward facing dog. Now exhale and step the right foot forward between the hands. If you are facing trouble, make sure to use your hand to move the foot up and align knee over heel. Now lower the left knee to the floor keeping the top of foot area on the floor.

Slide the left leg back till you feel a comfortable stretch in your front thigh and groin area. Ensure that your right knee stays in place are does not nudge. Exhale and slowly take the lunge deeper by allowing the right knee to move slightly in front of the ankle.

While sweeping the arms slowly overhead, inhale and lift the torso area upright. Note that the arms must be straight and perpendicular to the floor. Do not slouch. Grow tall from the pelvis area to the crown of the head. Lift your chin slightly so that it does not put strain on your neck.

Hold for a minute and then exhale while taking the torso down. Place your hands on each side of your right foot. Curl your toes back and with another exhale lift the left knee off the floor and go back to the Adho mukha svanasana. Repeat Anjaneyasana with the left foot forward.

Anjaneyasana – Variations

Take the spine into a back bend position
You can even keep the knee above the heel if you are dealing with knee pain or have injured your knee area.

Anjaneyasana – warnings and contradictions

This pose is not recommended for those who are dealing with heart diseases. If you want to practice this pose, make sure to ask your yoga master or your medical practitioner before trying out this pose.

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