Akarna Dhanurasana – Toward The Ear bow pose

Akarna Dhanurasana just like any other asanas in Yoga requires great amount of effort and patience. The benefits are manifold which you will realize during each and every posture. Read on to know how it works.

  • Akarna Dhanurasana – Pronunciation & Meaning

    Akarna Dhanurasana is a Sanskrit name that is pronounced as ah-car-nah da-noor ah-sa-na.

    The meaning of Akarna Dhanurasana is translated as “Archer Pose”.

    • Karna = ear
    • dhanu = bow
    • asana = pose

    Akarna Dhanurasana – Introduction

    In this posture the body is stretched like a string of bow which is pulled at the time or archery and is about to release the arrow. I do realize it can be difficult when trying it for the first time but since your body is growing from being rigid to being flexible, it will come to you easy with a tinge of patience and effort.

  • It is said that the practitioner has a tranquil mind and while practicing each and every asana he will learn how to let go of his daily habits and respond correctly to the mental and physical distractions. The results are incredible as each and every asana is a meditative path which will teach you patience, inner peace and ultimately a way to effortlessly conduct the postures while having a self realization beyond your imagination.

    What does yoga poses do to the body?

    In the earlier articles, you came to know how standing, sitting and other balancing postures can benefit your body not only emotionally but physically too. Today we are gonna talk about twists and lying poses.


    Twisting the body might seem funny (in a way) but is a way to extend and stretch the body pushing it to the limits. When you twist the body, you not only lengthen the spinal cord but you also release the tension of spine, increase the mobility of shoulder, hips etc. and can actually alleviate the back pain. Make sure to twist the both sides of your body for proper balance of the body.

    Lying poses

    Lying back poses encourages the abdominal muscles, expand the hip area and improve the spinal mobility. They can also help in strengthening the limbs and your back. Stomach poses used here will give you good strength in your arms and back. They also relieve any tension thereby improving the flexibility in the spine area.

    Akarna Dhanurasana Benefits

    The benefits of Akarna Dhanurasana to speak for. For starters, it increases the hip mobility and helps in proper expansion. It also strengthens the arms, shoulder area not to mention the arms and leg area. Did I mention it improves the abdominal muscles?

    In women, it can help in regularizing the menstrual cycle. It also helps in better digestion, clears constipation and can chuck off issues regarding indigestion. It also alleviates any pain in abdomen or larger intestines. Breathing is another process that is greatly benefited by the pose as it can increase the lung capacity to hold oxygen for a good time.

  • How to perform Adho mukha svanasana

    • Begin with sitting position. Now bend the left leg in knee and keep the foot on the right thigh. Make sure that the right leg is straight and knee is not bend.
    • Hold the big toe of the left leg with the right hand. Make sure you have a good grip on the big toe. You can hold it between the thumb and index finger along with three other fingers for affirming the grip.
    • Keep the right leg erect and try to keep the left hand on the right toe.
    • Exhale and while inhaling start lifting the left foot with the right hand. Pull it to the ear. Keep the neck erect and the sight fixed on the other end of left hand.
    • Continue with normal breathing.

    NOTE: Many practitioners tend to bend the neck when lifting the foot to the ear. It is wrong and though it may be difficult try to keep the neck and trunk straight. Try to pull the foot as much as possible. Though good strain is put on the legs, hand not to forget waist and knees, benefits are good as the efficiency of these organs increase a great extent.

    Akarna Dhanurasana – Warnings and contradictions

    If you are a beginner make sure not to do this asana without the guidance of yoga master. Since this asana comes in the intermediate level, the person who is practicing this pose should perform all the basic asanas, few intermediate asana and only then perform Akarna Dhanurasana.

    Women who are pregnant or people who are suffering from spinal/shoulder injuries or having lumbar disk, hamstring problems should not perform this asana.

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