Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners The amount of calories burned doing Yoga varies between what kinds of yoga is being practiced. Yoga is an amazing full-body workout. The intensity of the exercises or poses varies from gentle and relaxing Hatha FlowYoga to the very difficult Bikram Yoga. SelectRead More →

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Ashtanga Yoga This is a series well explained and down to earth. There are many levels and degrees of postures. It is suitable for both beginners to Ashtanga yoga and the advanced practitioners. The instructions are easy and simple to follow and one need not be familiar with the termsRead More →

Doga: Yoga for you and your Dog In Doga (or Dog Yoga), dogs and the owners work as a team. The owners help their pets by aiding them varied of poses and in certain situations, dogs are used as props while the owner perform practice their postures. It can alsoRead More →

Dahn Yoga Essentials DVD The yoga mainly focuses on one point – energy. The meaning of Dahn in Korean is “life force” which is undoubtedly energy. Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Dahn Yoga is a physical exercise and was founded by Ilchi Lee. In his book, Dahn YogaRead More →

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Ashtanga Yoga There are many Ashtanga Yoga DVDs available that helps people to have yoga at home. The DVDs are well explained and demonstrated Ashtanga postures are comfortable and instructed well on voice over. Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Ashtanga is the Sanskrit word meaning eight limbsRead More →