Adho Mukha Svanasana

Yoga – an all round exercise for physical, spiritual and mental practice that will result in great benefits. Nowadays many are leading a hectic life that is leaving back a lot of stress behind. Practicing yoga has helped a whole lot of people to have a stress life in spite of all the tension causing

Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Most of us now a days are tired having a whole lot of medicines. And so Yoga has helped in eliminating a lot of medicines. Yoga when practiced in day to day life helps not only in physical and mental strength but also helps in weight loss, flexible body, glowing skin, good health and also

Anjaneyasana – Lunge Pose

Another in the yoga pose, Anjaneyasana is another name of Lord Hanuman in Hindu religion. A main character in the epic story Ramayana, Hanuman is also called as Anjaneya whose mother’s name is Anjani. In technical words, the Anjaneyasana is referred to crescent pose for the shape of body. Importance of Yoga Yoga is not

Incorporating exercise to improve employees’ health

Health and the employee Stress, headaches, indifferent health are some of the very common reasons for employees’ absenteeism and reduced productivity which are costing American companies millions of dollars every year. Managements have been working hard to reverse this condition. Healthy employees help build stronger organizations with greater productivity, happier employees and less absenteeism. This