10 Best Yoga Poses for Anxiety and Stress

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1. Introduction
2. Begin with yoga
3. Best 10 yoga poses
1 /10 Sukhasana or Easy Pose
2/10 Viparita Karani or Legs up the Wall pose
3/10 Matsyasana or Fish pose
4/10 Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or the Bridge pose
5/10 Marjaryasana or Cat Pose
6/10 Bitilasana or Cow Pose
7/10 Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend
8/10 Uttanasana or Standing Forward Bend
9/10 Balasana or Child’s pose
10/10 Savasana or the Corpse pose
4. Conclusion
5. External link references


Today the most common mental illness that prevails amongst many people is anxiety and stress. It is affecting nearly 18 percent of adult Americans. Practicing yoga is considered as an effective method to get relieved from stress and ease symptoms related to anxiety. Just by shifting your focus and concentration on body and breathing activities, yoga helps to temper anxiety and also gets you free from physical tension.


The following are the 10 best yoga poses, structured in a sequence. You can practice all of them together in the same order, or separately as and when required to help lessen your stress and anxiety. Focus on your breath when you move while performing the poses. Furthermore to feel more relaxed, close your eyes and contain yourself to attain a meditative state.

The structure of sequence is basically intended for first timers, with the exclusion of the headstand pose. If you want to practice a more superior level of yoga pose then try standing balancing poses like Eagle Pose, Half Moon Pose and Tree Pose. Attempt to hold the standing pose for at least 30-60 seconds on both the sides. These poses lighten stress and anxiety by compelling you to concentrate on present.


Yoga is a practice. To get benefited by it, you have to be first cautious before proceeding further and next, don’t push your body. Stretch only as much as your body allows you to.

Begin With Yoga

The first thing while practicing yoga is to start with Anjali Mudra or a salutation seal. It is a brilliant method to encourage a meditative alertness. It is performed by joining both hands together (like Namaste pose) and placing them in the center of the heart chakra. This signifies the balance and harmony between the right and left side joining in the center. This balance is not only physical but also mental and emotional. This activity will bring you to the center for meditation and concentrating on the present. Start yoga with this mudra. Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with your eyes closed to fetch the maximum benefit.

Best 10 Yoga Poses

1. Sukhasana or Easy Pose


To begin with the easy pose, sit with the spine straight, cross-legged with hands resting on the knees with palms in upward direction and eyes closed. This pose focuses on your breathe. To calm the speedy breathing mostly associated with panic attacks, focus on your breathing. Count five in and five out breathing, practices until your breathing becomes natural. Perform it for five or ten minutes for your body to feel calmer.

Easy pose has several great benefits besides promoting inner peace, such as it opens your hips, lengthens your spine and strengthens the state of serenity, harmony, and eliminates anxiety, relieves physical and mental exhaustion and fatigue.

2. Viparita Karani Or Legs Up The Wall Pose

Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani is an excellent pose for stress and anxiety as it gives you a relaxing and energizing effect. Frequently it is referred as the fountain of youth pose because it helps you to escape thoughts from your mind and are easy to practice by beginners as well as by experienced people.

Lie flat on your back with the arms lying at the side and palms in downward direction. Or open the arms with palms facing up to allow your heart to open even more. Move your legs upwards or rest the legs against the wall to comfortably hold them for a longer time. Even if you are not very flexible or strong, you can perform this yoga that relaxes and calms your nervous system.

3. Matsyasana Or Fish Pose


Fish pose is a wonderful pose for opening the heart. This back bending yoga position opens the heart while expanding the ribcage to give the lungs more room to breathe and helps to open the spiritual heart center. Opening the heart and stretching the chest, both eases respiration, and relieves stress by releasing the tension from within.

Lie on the back with the arms on the side, round the back and comfortably lean far back on the crown of the head as far as you could. If you feel uncomfortable, place a pillow or thickly-folded blanket beneath to support back and neck. This gentle back and shoulder stretching pose works as a fatigue and anxiety reliever.

4. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana Or The Bridge Pose

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Though it sounds similar, the Bridge pose is different from a bridge in gymnastics in lying position. Bent your knees and lift the core, arms should lie at the side, palms facing down or join the fingers behind the back.

This pose benefits in soothing your mind and energizes the body. For comfort you can place a blanket or pillow under the back to hold this pose for longer time.

5. Marjaryasana or Cat Pose

cat pose

Cat pose provides a tender massage to the spine and belly organs of the body while working as a powerful stress reliever. For correct position place your wrists directly under the shoulders and knees under your hips.

For perfect gentle vinyasa, cat pose is more often combined with Cow Pose. Marjaryasana benefits the general health of the body by stimulating the digestive tract and spinal fluid.

6. Bitilasana or Cow Pose

cow pose

Cow Pose is calming pose that gently eases the spine. For correct position place your wrists directly under the shoulders and knees under your hips.

Besides relieving stress and soothing the mind, this pose also kneads and stimulates organs (like the kidneys and adrenal glands) in the tummy, and generates emotional balance. Generally cow pose and cat pose are paired together for gentle flowing vinyasa.
The calming poses, Cow and Cat, should be used together. Keep the eyes closed as much as possible.

7. Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend

Paschimottanasana helps in relaxing the distracted mind. Sit keeping your legs positioned straight, gradually lower your forehead toward your knees while holding your toes from side with hands. Seated with Forward Bend is basically a challenging pose but with numerous benefits apart from relieving stress and anxiety.

Seated Forward Bend

Other benefits include stretches the spine, and lower back, improves digestion and relieves symptoms of PMS and menopause, lessen fatigue, stimulates the liver, ovaries, uterus and kidneys.

8. Uttanasana or Standing Forward Bend

For doing Uttanasana pose stand straight with your legs tightly near to each other. Bring your head downwards towards your feet; don’t bend legs and your hands down allowing your palms to straight away touch the floor. Beginners can bend the knees to bring the palms flat down and then slowly work on straightening the legs. This pose offers many excellent benefits like it stretches the hamstrings and calf muscles; it opens the hips, and stimulates the digestive system. It also helps in improving the functioning of the inner organs like the liver and kidneys.


Many people hold immense amount of tension into the large leg muscles where Uttanasaana gently stretches and relaxes it. It also soothes the entire nervous system and relieves you from stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

9. Balasana Or Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is the typical resting position which calms the body and the mind under stress. While practicing yoga you can perform Child’s pose at any time when you feel the body is stretching beyond its capacity. Sit down while bending your knees, lean forward with the forehead on the mattress. Lay your arms by your side of the body with palms up next to the feet or arms forward with palms facing down stretched over the head. Focus on your breath and breathe deeply with eyes closed.


Child’s Pose can be a very calming and self-soothing exercise. Child’s pose helps you to turn inside and slowly relieve your mind from stress.

10. Savasana Or The Corpse Pose

All yoga practice should end only with the Corpse pose. This is very crucial pose for all practice and should never be missed. The body processes the details received while practicing yoga during this pose. The Palms, middle of the back, and the head should all be placed touching the mattress. You will feel leave your feet loose with eyes closed to help the body relax in this pose. Keep your eyes close and focus on breathing for about five to 10 minutes in this pose.


You can practice this pose any time when you feel exhausted by simply lying down flat and focusing on breathing. Slowly open your eyes and wake up the body by wiggling the toes and fingers. Then turn gently on to any side while laying the head on the arm and bending the knees. Gently and gradually raise the body. Now your body should feel rejuvenated and the mind peaceful.


Maintaining the balance of the body is very important. Balancing your mind, body and spirit means balancing mental, physical and emotional stability which are all connected. Unsteadiness in any of these leads you to suffer from stress, anxiety or depression. Yoga is a structure designed with correct series of stretching the body to re-balance, revive and rejuvenate it.


Follow all or most of the best yoga exercises mentioned above to focus not only on the health of your body but also on the mind and spirit. Focus on breathing and practicing yoga poses will greatly calm down temporary anxiety and depression by re-energizing the body.

If you suffer from consistent feeling of anxiety and stress then consult a physician or healthcare counselor before proceeding further. If you suffer from back ache or neck ache, then too consult a doctor before practicing, because many yoga pose includes stretching your back and neck.

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Wild divine meditation – de-stress yourself with these techniques

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How does Wild divine work?

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What is lightstone and iom feedback hardware?

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Another example would be let’s say you need to move something from left to right on the monitor using your thoughts. Wild divine’s iom feedback hardware makes it possible. It picks up your bodily movements isntantly which helps in eventual progressing of the games step by step using these bodily techniques. It is quite easy to connect and comes with a USB port which can be used in any PC easily.

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Wild divine online :

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Wild divine online includes activities with different challenging levels from easy to hard so that you won’t feel bored listening to repetitive sessions of meditational lectures. It works online reducing the purchase and stock up of DVDs/CDs thereby reducing land waste, need for paper/plastic or fuel which is required to deliver the packages door to door etc. thereby supporting Mother Nature.



The best feature of wild divine online is communicating with the community section which helps you to socialize and derive more ideas and tips from various users.

There are many who think that wild divine is compatible with ipad , but sadly this is not true. Wild divine software works in both Mac and Windows OS and the respective softwares are available which can downloaded once you are a member of Wild divine. Even the iom/lightsone driver installation procedure are available on the wild divine website.

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Wild divine review :

Overall, wild divine reviews are quite mixed. On the pros side, there are umpteen packages which gives you options to choose. If you are finicky, you always the FREE 15 steps to relax, relieve and restore by experienced masters. All you have to do is sign up and you will getting video clips to de-stress yourself. There are some video demos of Nissim Amon who gives crystal clear meditation tips and exactly how the program will work for you. Wild divine has even dedicated a complete pdf file which compiles almost all the testimonials from real users who have tried this program. Some users who were dealing with anxiety and high stress levels were recommended by their psychologists and have found the product quite effective.

Even mothers who have found their children having trouble concentrating on their studies or feeling tired often have suggested this product. With wild divine they have noticed immense response from their kids. While some initially thought that it might be just another computer program, many have admitted that its much more than that and actually delivers a sense of ease, calmness and improved focus on children.


On the downside, many complain that the programs and sessions are quite repetitive. While journey to wild divine is quite slow, wisdom quest is a combo of both good and bad especially if you want to lectured by Deepak Chopra. It also tends to be a bit on the expensive side but when you are purchasing on discount codes, you might find it a bit less than the original price. Wild divine also gives away returns which means in case you find the product not worthy enough simply return them within 30 days from the date of purchase. However, keep in mind that the product returned should be new and the shipping cost will not be refunded to you.

Incorporating exercise to improve employees’ health

Health and the employee


Stress, headaches, indifferent health are some of the very common reasons for employees’ absenteeism and reduced productivity which are costing American companies millions of dollars every year. Managements have been working hard to reverse this condition. Healthy employees help build stronger organizations with greater productivity, happier employees and less absenteeism. This will also reduce employee turnover and cost on insurance. So how can companies go about this change? Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are some of the measures taken by companies to reduce stress and improve health and productivity of employees. Yoga provides physical exercises and meditation techniques to improve both the physical and mental health of employees. Employees with good health are able to face challenges better and work better to give better output to the company.

View of a woman meditating.

Stress is the single factor that has been found to cost companies millions of dollars, directly on medical costs and indirectly on productivity losses. The American Institute of stress reveals that 90% of doctor visits in the US are due to stress and that U.S. companies loss $300 billion annually because of absenteeism and reduced productivity due to stress. CorSolutions Inc. states that companies spend $14,000/- annually per employee on medically related losses.

Why Yoga?

Yoga has many advantages over setting up gyms and other physical forms of exercises. The investment made for yoga is relatively less. Setting up gyms require large spaces and huge investments for expensive equipment’s. Also, yoga benefits both the body and mind, whereas regular exercises take care of only the physical well being and not the mental well being of individuals.


Benefits of yoga for employee health

Some of the benefits of introducing yoga at workplace are:

  • less stress: a majority of yoga practitioners do yoga for stress relief. Yoga and meditation helps reduce stress and promotes clear thinking. It improves mental clarity, focus and concentration and better decision-making skills.
  • headaches: studies done on the benefits of yoga have shown reduced frequencies and severity of headaches including migraine. Yoga also helped reduce neck tensions and stress injuries.
  • low back pain: studies conducted by NCCAM concluded that yoga reduced symptoms of chronic back pain, less disability and depression.
  • fatigue: yoga provides more energy and vitality in the workplace. A yoga break refreshes employees and provides them with the energy to move ahead with their work in the workplace.
  • Yoga strengthens muscles and improves digestion. It also helps reduce obesity.
  • Certain yoga postures help in the flow of blood and oxygen through the body and improves the mood and clear thinking and also removes fatigue and lethargy

Workplace Yoga:

There are many yoga practitioners and teachers who provide yoga at workplace. They teach yoga and meditation in small groups and the fee charged is nominal and depends on the number of employees per batch. The organizations or companies only need to provide a room or space to practice yoga. Customized yoga is taught according to the employee’s needs. Some of the yoga teachers even provide the yoga mats. Employees need not go out of the office to practice yoga. Yoga exercises can be modified to suit the employees’ requirements.


Thus Corporate Yoga, helps both the employers and employees. Employees become healthy and better focused and are able to work better. Yoga reduces fatigue and improves energy levels. Employers are benefit from the increased productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Bob Harper: Yoga for the Warrior (2010)

Bob Harper’s Yoga for the warrior DVD contains rigorous exercises that will reward you, with an stunning and stronger physique and improved flexibility. This DVD is the part of the “Inside Out Method” Series by Bob. Only 45 minutes out of the 1440 minutes of your day and a mat is all that you require to perform this workout. The Yoga DVD incorporates two workout sessions. The first sessions lasts for one hour and the second session for 15 minutes. The trainer Bob Harper gives you proper explanation about each pose. Bob Harper is a Fitness expert and author. He has helped many famous celebrities to get into shape and perfect health.



The one hour session consist of intense sweating exercises wherein your whole body is worked up. It combines various traditional yoga poses like warrior poses, triangle poses, chaturanga, chair pose, downward dog, crescent, extended side angle etc. along with aerobic exercises. This duo (yoga and aerobic) will together work wonder on your body. Every part of your body is exercised and strengthened. After this one hour session you are surely going to feel mentally relaxed and cool and physically strong.

The second session consists of more of cardio exercises than yoga. The exercises included in this session will help you to strengthen your abs. Crunches, core rotations, different planks and twists etc. are some of the few exercises included in this session. This 15 minutes will give you strong abs and a flat belly. The torso portion of your body gets more strength and flexibility and this will greatly help in reducing back and hips pain. The result of this session will be a strong and balanced core. There are no breaks in-between the exercises. So you are on your toes for these whole 15 minutes.


You can choose from the two sessions depending on your interests. Bob Harper has indeed done a wonderful job by fusing yoga and aerobic together into a powerful exercise routine that will strengthen your body and improve your mental health! The DVD was released in 2010 and the language used is English.

Yoga for Weight Loss DVD, how it works?

Regular yoga practice can help maintain a healthy weight and also helps in making the body and mind fit. It focuses on both the physical and mental fitness. It helps relieve stress and anxiety. The many postures and workouts help tone the body muscles and make it more flexible. Since it reduces stress the more happy the mind will be and it helps stimulate the body defense and confidence and strength is increased. Yoga is also known to facilitate weight loss. Yoga for Losing Weight DVD by Ashley Turner is a well known workout video published in DVDs. It is a combination of both the physical and mental workouts.


The workouts in this DVD are not meant for beginners but they are flexible and modified to suit anyone. All the instructions are clear and well detailed in a voice over. The postures are muscle strengthening and the sequences have a flow. Though they are challenging it is manageable for the new ones and easier for the experienced advanced yogis to follow. The outdoor setting and the soothing music are the highlights. The video has more pace than others available in the market. It is specific on many breathing exercises and stretches that help relax the muscles. It can be similar to cardio and are good for blood circulation.

How it works?

Yoga is something that must be done on an empty stomach. An empty stomach not only helps make a more flexible body but also important when trying to maintain body weight. Yoga for weight loss must compulsorily be done on an empty stomach. They must be done correctly and consistently. It is essential to balance it with proper diet and food habits. Weight gain is not simply concerned with calorie intake but also on some underlying imbalances in the body. The yoga for weight loss is targeted to maintain the right balance in the required area. But ever wondered how does it work? Let us have a look.


It is mostly dependent on the many asana or postures. Each posture stimulates or works on specified areas or muscles inside the body. The yoga postures for weight loss targets those areas that stimulate metabolism and digestion along with burning the calories. The back bending postures stimulate the liver functioning. When the liver functions better so will be the detoxification of the body. It can dispose bad fat and powers the muscles. Postures like shoulder stand can help the thyroid glands function better and will trigger better metabolism. The seated forward bending position helps maintain the pH of the body fluid.

The corpse pose or leg-up-the-wall pose can balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve system and helps relax the body and maintain normal heart pace. The stretching or shortening the muscles always help lose fat and the basic arm balancing postures engage most muscles to work. Simply raising the heart beat doesn’t help lose weight. It has to be in a pattern, by raising it up and bring it down all for a small while. The sun salutations are the best method for this and doing it repeatedly for around 10 times can be a great weight losing workout.


Weight lose cannot happen in a day, it must be a continuous and consistent process and with the weight losing Yoga DVD it is easier to follow at home and can be worked out at flexible time when you are free to do it and can be planned every day. It just takes a few minutes so try to allot the time and find a new you.

Shiva Rea: Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Shiva Rea is a Yogi with a unique style and this Yoga DVD is conclusive proof of that. The Daily energy Vinyasa flow yoga is one of the best ways of starting or ending the day with so much energy and relaxation that you would be surprised. Shiva Rea has a way of getting to you, although you may not like her style at first. She has a sneaky way of getting you to do difficult poses in a flow without directly jumping into the poses.



Uniqueness of the Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow yoga

The thing about this Yoga DVD is that involves a lot of spiritual talk which many of the practitioners find unnecessary, but it rather goes well with the session. The instructor has a calm and soothing voice which gives you a peaceful state of mind while you do the exercises. The talk about energies and cores have been discouraged slightly, though there is a mute option. The workouts in themselves are brilliant and they get to the point very quickly. There is no doubt that Shiva Rea is an amazing teacher.


How to use the Yoga DVD by Shiva Rea

There is a Yoga matrix which can be customized to your needs and abilities. About 2 hours of Yoga sessions are available which you arrange according to your preference. There can be short practices or long, energizing ones. This Yoga DVD will help you restore strength, balance and energy not only to your body, but also to your mind and in this way, to your life. There are seven 20 minute practices and they are easy to fit into an average day to day life. You do not even have to have repeat workouts, but customize your workout in a unique way for each day.


How the Yoga DVD benefits you

It is true to practicing Yoga on a daily basis is more beneficial than have sporadically intense workouts. There are sessions known as lunar programs which focus on relaxation on a rough day and the solar practices will help in building stamina, sculpt long lean muscles on other days. They perfect to be done during the day or night. This Yoga DVD present varying sessions which you can bend to your ability.


There are different sessions known as Earth, Shanti, Heart-Air, fire and Water, Chakra Namaskar, etc. There are also forward bends, shavasanas, etc. you just have to select and play.

AM and PM Yoga by Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden

Am and PM Yoga DVD is for beginners. This is meant for daily workouts at the basic levels. There are two sessions, one for morning, and the other for evening. The AM session is demonstrated by Rodney Yee- the well known yoga instructor, and the evening session is done by another yoga instructor Patricia Walden. The video is captures in two breath taking locations of seashore sunrise and the Death Valley national park.

AM Yoga

AM Yoga for beginners is prepared keeping in mind the fact that just like the sunrises, our body rhythm is also elevated in the morning. This is why morning is supposed to be the best time to do yoga. Both the mind and body opens up and is centered at the right point to make the day energetic and fruitful. This session is of 20 minutes duration. The workouts are divided into three parts. A 4 minute session of Conscious Relaxation that focuses on the breathing. Breathing is an essential part of yoga. Each workout has its own timing and method of breathing. The next session is the longest one. It lasts for 14 minutes and includes various yoga poses that are helpful in relaxing and energizing the body. The last session is the guided meditation done in a sitting position for two minutes. The video is wonderfully filmed and the workouts are explained well. Each yoga pose stretches the muscle in a gentle manner for better balance and concentration.

PM Yoga


PM Yoga is also for beginners and a perfect way to end the day in a peaceful note. The workouts are well explained by the instructor. The poses are all relaxing and stretching to make the body calm after a hectic day. The workouts are divided into 4 sessions. The beginning session is done in centered pose and has gentle stretches. It makes the senses quiet and relaxes the mind. The second part is standing poses for tension release, enhancing the blood circulation, lung expansion by deep breathing. The last part is the forward bends that helps cool the body and calms the nerves. The instructor gives not only the explanations for the poses but also how to feel about the body and how to calm the mind. The movements are meant for beginners with uncomplicated moves, but with some modifications advanced level people also can practice it. The movements should always be at ease with the comfort of the body.

Deluxe 3 DVD Set of Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is a workout regime that includes stretches, breathing exercises, and meditation. The combined forces together come for muscle relaxation, calming the mind etc. Not many people are aware of yoga’s ability in curing many diseases and other uses of like weight loss. The deluxe set of 3 DVDs of yoga helps in losing weight in stages. The three DVDs are for each stage to enable smooth weight loss and maintaining the body balance. The three DVDs are

Flow Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

This DVD is ideal for people looking for lot of options to do variety of workouts. There are eight workouts, warm up (10 mins), general flow (20 mins), core strength (45 mins), legs (40 mins), arms (40 mins), hips (45 mins), back (35 mins) and cool down for 18 minutes. Since the aim is weight loss, workouts focus on each part of the body and overall coverage also. This is a unique way to strengthen the body, make it more flexible, increase the energy levels, and reduces stress.

Yoga for Weight Loss- Beginners & Beyond

This DVD is designed for those who want to lose some weight and is divided into three sections. Each section has multiple workouts. The first section introduces with different postures. As each section passes the postures are flowing from one to another. The pace is just ideal to follow and cope up with the speed of the breathing. Many postures will require more flexibility and balance. The next section is more challenging with postures and flexibility. The third section uses light weights to do the workouts.

Power Yoga for Everybody


Power yoga is another version of yoga which is more intense and is not suitable for beginners. This is yoga at faster pace so one has to be familiar with the postures and the flexible to follow the power yoga. This can be a great addition for weight loss after working out with the other two DVDs that are for beginners and advanced beginners. Once they are used to the postures these vigorous movements of power yoga will definitely help them with losing weight and makes the body more flexible and strong.
Workouts from these DVDs can be selected as per choice or do it mixed or one after the other. One can start from anywhere from these DVDs making it more user friendly. Power yoga needs to do at least thrice a week for effective weight loss. But when combined with different methods it is much more flexible than to follow only one technique.

Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners

Hatha Yoga is a version of yoga practice that is based on the blend of opposites, the sun, and the moon. “Ha” means sun and “Tha” means moon. Hatha yoga involves both postures and breathing exercises. It also includes the concept of 8 limbs of the body each representing a component. The main benefit is to control the breath and increase the oxygenation. It helps in reduced stress also. The Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners is a video of practicing yoga of this kind by the instructor Tamal Dodge.


The video is published as a DVD that is picturized at awesome location of Pacific Ocean. The Yoga DVD contains two programs that are 30 minutes each. They are suitable for slightly higher than the beginner, between the beginner and intermediate ease. The programs are Hatha Yoga and Flow Yoga. The Hatha yoga is the beginning program. This session has three parts, warm-up, workout, and cool down. The three minute warm up is enough to prepare the body for the longer session of workouts. The workout part helps in flexibility and circulation, making the body relax and relieving stress. The session glides through poses and stretches that uses properties like strap, towel, or belt. The cool down session is relaxing and the workout for the day may end there.


The Flow yoga session also has three parts but lesser duration by a few minutes. The warm up is quick for the flow session that includes breathing. The workout session takes postures from Ashtanga yoga. The movements are sequenced to form a flow that is simple and easy. The flow of the body and its fluids enables to lose weight, and toning the muscles. It calms the mind and improves the concentration. The cool down part allows the body to come back to the normal state in the savasana- the Corpse pose. The entire session is slightly over 30 minutes and is suitable for an evening workout.


The two programs of the Yoga DVD can be for two sessions of workouts for morning and evening. It is also suitable for a back to back workout session at a time. The movements complement each other and the flow session can be really a continuation from where the Hatha yoga session ended. Though it is titled as beginners it is not actually for a complete newbie to Yoga. It is a total body workout to clear the mind that brings out the realization of the true potential that helps you to move on with the life and making it ready to face any hurdles with calmness and ease.

Element Yoga for Energy and Relaxation

Element: Yoga Energy & Relax

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Element: Yoga for Stress Relief & Flexibility

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Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind

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Yoga is a means of relaxing the body. It involves physical workouts, meditation and breathing exercises that together works to restore energy and relaxation. Element yoga for Energy and Relaxation is the easiest solution for a healthier body and relaxed mind. The DVD is made in two parts, one for energy release, and the other for relaxation. This workout program is sequenced by the yoga instructor Tamal Dodge. The workouts are suitable for those who have reached the intermediate level and also for beginners who have some experience about postures.


The Yoga DVD starts with the Yoga for Energy which is the shorter session that runs for 32 minutes. This session is spread in 3 parts of warm up, actual workout session and the cooling down part. The workout session here is to revitalize the body to build the stamina using various postures that are meant to improve the nervous system functioning. This stimulating sequences of workouts help reduce the fatigue thereby increases the productivity of the person. The body will be energized and the mind seems to be alert.


The relaxation session is lengthier and lasts for about 40 minutes. This session is for relaxation, muscle soothing and restorative. The various postures adapted will help in releasing tension from the muscles and increasing the flexibility. The postures are calming and the sequences are easy to flow. Relaxation session starts with stretching and goes through many postures that need more flexibility. The postures are at slow pace and each posture is hold on to for a longer period than normal. This might be difficult for many to do but not difficult also. The last session is lying on the back in the Corpse pose for 3 minutes.


The DVD does not show any modifications but the user may change or prolong the postures and methods according to his comfort level. The instructions and clear with calming demeanor. Many have found the Energy session challenging but yet simple enough. The instructor urges not to push the body to do postures that do not sit well, instead asks to go with the flow and do as much as the body allows. With time, the body will itself adapt with each sequence. After all the aim is to relax the body and not to tire it. Many have found that the entire 70 minutes of this Yoga DVD is an asset for those who have difficulty falling asleep. They are now able to have peaceful sleep after the workouts. Truly relaxing is what the end result.